To get high traffic and page rank, SEO is a must and everyone should opt for SEO Services. Simply building a website will not help. Many webmasters are following proper guidelines to get their site indexed. Each search engines have their own set of rules regarding SEO, but most of them share some basic principles.

Some Good Practices

  • Site should have good structured pages.
  • Proper use of paragraph
  • Using site map
  • Proper internal linking
  • Meta tags should be short but at the same time expressive.
  • Content should be informative.
  • Most importantly, while preparing content, user’s requirement should be kept in mind, not search engine.
  • Content should be checked for typo.
  • No duplication of content, else search engine will penalize the website.

Some Bad Practices

  • It is not advisable to use invisible text in order to increase keyword density.
  • Creating doorway pages are not a wise idea
  • Dynamic coding for keyword rich content
  • Cloaking should be avoided - cloaking means, content available to search engine will be different than content available to users.
  • Back link from bad sites should be avoided
  • Do not participate in Linking schemes
  • Submitting a website multiple times.

Now a days all search engines are trying to find solutions to detect prohibited techniques used by website owners to get their site to top of search engine listing and also to increase page rank.

Apart from that, major search engines have a facility where a user can report directly to search engines if they find someone using such bad techniques to fool search engines.

So, be careful if you are one of them using such techniques, there are chances of your website being banned from search engine. Once banned, your website will be no where in search engine listing.

Google and other top search engines have started an approach to educate website owners to follow genuine method to get traffic, it is a best practice to develop website keeping in mind the end users and not search engine, while writing content, make it more descriptive to attract users, one should always think of users while developing website and not search engines.

Also, make sure, website must have a good navigation which will help users to browse through all pages of your website with ease. If the navigation is not good, the visitors will not be able to reach the right place and they will leave your site if they do not move around on a website freely.