Your business wants to create a blog to share information and create a connection with its customers. If your unsure about where to begin in your process of creating a successful blog, find out how to get started here.

Your business is looking to create a blog to share information about your product and create a connection with its customers. However, you might be a bit unsure about where to begin in your process of creating a successful blog. After all, it takes time to create content and you want to be sure it is being read.

Therefore, in this post, I’m going to share five tips you must be aware of to create a blog which will engage its audience. And if you already have a business blog, stay this post is for you, as well, as you may gain some new ideas on how to increase your current reader engagement.

Guest blogging is a must. Often as you start your blog, one of the best ways to be found is by writing guest posts for other blogs. That blog’s readers see your content, love it, and begin following your posts. It's a great strategy. To begin, find a few blogs you enjoy which have a complimentary topic to yours and offer to write a guest post.

After doing a few guest posts you will likely see which blog’s audience you connect with the most and may consider being a regular guest poster for that particular blog. Also, keep in mind, as your blog grows in popularity, you may also find fellow bloggers are offering to guest blog for you!

Create engaging content titles. Your title will often determine how many people read a post. Remember, because we all have so many things competing for our attention, we often overlook great content because the title did not lure us into read it.

Therefore, it's often a good idea to create a post and then set it aside for a few hours. During that time, think about how to create a short and catchy title selling what you just wrote.

Keep content current. The internet has made us information consumers, and as such, we quickly keep looking for the next new thing. For that reason, blog content needs to be timely and catchy. When thinking about post topics consider how you can put a new or different spin on the information you’re seeking to share.

Remember to use key words.  In order for potential readers to find you in their search engine results, it is important to ensure you use key words in the content you create. One powerful strategy to implement is to create a series of regular key words you intend to use in your posts. However, always keep in mind, your content can’t be merely key word driven, but must still be "good."

Comment on other related blogs. In addition to guest blogging, participate in the conversations taking place on other related blogs. Doing so can create backlinks (used wisely and not 'spammy') and starts to showcase you as an authority in the area.